Laptop buying guide 2022


Laptop buying guide 2022

laptop buying guide 2022: The design and technology of laptops have changed dramatically in the last few years. Now it has become difficult to choose the necessary laptop within reach. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a laptop that can make your decision easier.

If you prefer to run products by touch or touch, then a touchscreen laptop will be good for you. For example, the tiles and gestures in the Windows 7 interface will enhance your touchscreen experience and make it easier to use. Web pages are easy to use on laptops based on Windows operating system. It is also convenient to view pictures and documents. Touchscreen laptops can also be used as laptops with keyboards. You will get a touchscreen laptop in the market for 50 thousand rupees. Usually buying a cheap laptop is enough for small tasks like watching movies, listening to music, and using the internet. In this case, you can buy a laptop with a 15-inch screen monitor.

Design and weight

A lightweight laptop or ultrabook would be best for you if you travel a lot. Buy a 12 to 13-inch laptop that has a long charge. If you want to buy a laptop for home or office work, buy a laptop with a 14-inch or 15.6-inch display. If you want a laptop for gamers or photo and video editing work then you need to choose a powerful laptop. For this, you can buy a laptop with a 15.6 or 16-inch display. If you carry a laptop with you all the time, then a laptop with a metal structure will suit you. If your computer is used by everyone in the house, it will be better if it has a metal structure and corporate model. Almost all conventional laptop batteries are made of lithium-ion. The more cells (4-12) it has, the longer the battery can hold a charge.

Data retention capacity

When buying a laptop, keep in mind how much information you can store. Nowadays, the use of optical drives is less without a 15.6-inch laptop. Hard drives are now being replaced by Flash-based SSDOs. Although flash storage is expensive, there is less risk of damage. Its size is small and works fast.

Operating system

Many people do not buy laptops based on the pre-loaded operating systems to save some money. But manually installing OS and other software are difficult and time-consuming. Install the operating system you feel most comfortable with when buying a laptop.

The size of the laptop

If you are thinking of buying a laptop for home or office, it is better to have a bigger laptop. It will benefit the eyes and will benefit the work. If you have to buy a laptop to give a presentation, it is better to have a light-thin and small screen.


A good laptop is better if you have Intel or AMD multicore CPU. 3-4 USB ports and it is important to see if the laptop is fast. It is usually necessary to buy a high-speed laptop for playing high-resolution games, video editing, and graphics work. For this, it is better if the clock speed of the processor is 3.0 GHz or more. It is also important to know which series of processors (Core I3, Five, Seven). Be sure to check out the graphics capabilities before you buy. At least 4 GB of DDR3 RAM would be good for video editing and graphics work.


Be careful when buying an old laptop. Check the warranty. You can trust a well-known brand. Before buying laptops from dealers and retailers, it would be good to know about their after-sales service and their past sales record of laptops. At the time of purchase, you must understand the warranty card, charger, bag, and other accessories that you are getting with your laptop. Also always buy laptops from authorized dealers, importers, trusted media, or stores.

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