How to buy a domain name for a website

How to buy a domain name for a website

How to buy a domain name for a website: There is always a need to create new blogs and websites in this digital age.  

And an essential part of a website is its domain.

Yes, it is never possible to open a website without a domain.

So the first thing that comes to mind when opening a site is its domain. So do you know how to buy a domain?

No problem if you don’t know it because in this post I will tell you in detail how to buy a domain.

So let’s not know how to do this!

How to buy a domain name?

Now I will show you the process of buying a domain step by step.

However, the first is not to say that the domain, but you can buy  two ways  and that is:

1. Buying a domain only

2. Buying a domain with hosting

So let me clarify this matter a little. Why are you actually buying a domain? So to open a website!

So to open a website you need to buy a hosting pack and so if you want you can buy your domain at the time of buying a hosting pack, again you can buy only one domain separately if you don’t want to host it now.

Anyway, I will show both methods in this post.

Way 1. How to buy a domain name only?

So first I am just showing you how to buy a domain here.

Step 1. Choose your domain

Choose your domain. Yes, since the domain is a unique name, you can only buy domains that no one else has registered before you.

So first you choose a beautiful name for your site.

Step 2. Visit the site of a domain registrar company

Once you have chosen your domain name, click here and visit Namecheap.

I  recommend Namecheap here because they are world-class domain registrars.

You can also buy your domain from GoDaddy if you want.

But don’t forget to buy your domain from a local company or big brother like this.

Because you have to buy the domain in your own account, then you will get maximum security.

It always happens that a local buy a domain from someone, but can’t renew it the following year because you didn’t buy your domain in your account.

So be aware of this.

Step 3. Search your domain name

If you visit Namecheap, you will find a web page where you can see a box like the below:

Enter the domain name of your choice in this box and then use the .com extension because .com is the most popular extension.

Then click on the search button next to it.

If your domain is available, you’ll see a tick mark on its side and a shopping cart button on the right.

I  tested with  and saw a shopping cart with the price of the domain to its right.

Step 4. Add your domain to the shopping carts

Now click on the shopping cart button and you will see that it has been added to your cart on the right.

Step 5. Click the view cart button

Now you will see below that there is a button called View Cart. If you click here you will see a list like the below:

Step 6. Understand some settings

From here you can select how many years you want to buy your domain. Click on the 1 Year button to increase the number of years you want.

And turn on the  AUTO-RENEW  next to it so that your domain will be renewed automatically every year.

Step 7. Pay the domain bill

Now double-check all the information in your domain to see if there are any mistakes.

If everything is perfect then you have to pay the bill for your domain.

For this, you have  to click on the Confirm Order  button

If you already have an account in Namecheap, log in to it, and if not, open an account by clicking the signup button.

Then pay the domain bill with your card information.

After paying the bill you will receive a few emails in your email where there is a domain verification email. Verify your domain by entering that email.

Your domain has been purchased.

Now I will show you how you can buy your domain with a hosting pack.

Good to know!  How much does it cost to build a website?

Way 2. How to buy a domain with hosting?

I am not discussing the details of this method here as I have already discussed it in the following guide:

So click on the link above to see how to open a blog. There you will see in detail the process of buying a domain with a hosting pack of Namecheap.

Do you know how to buy a domain?

Bookmark this guide in your browser and when you need to buy a domain, follow the guide and buy it.

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